Marketing Strategy For Directors

Creating your own strategy by board room might sound easy, but it is very hard. There are several disadvantages of using the marketing strategy for directors.


There are many disadvantages of using the marketing strategy for directors. But you need to know the pros and cons of using the strategy before going for it.


The main disadvantage of using the marketing strategy for directors is that the executive members should be business minded and have a good business sense. If the executive members are not like this, then the boardroom can never be a right place to set up the strategy. It should be done by the chairman.


Next disadvantage is that the strategy should be based on product development.

The idea of product development can also be used for the marketing strategy for directors. But the management should create the strategy that will enable the company to market the products or services effectively.


It is better to write down the strategic plans of the company in detail. Only if the strategic plans are well written and the strategy has been written according to the requirements of the boardroom by


Another important disadvantage of using the strategy is that the strategy will not help you in choosing the appropriate team for the sales activities. There are several companies that appoint new sales representatives for the sales activities every quarter. So if the strategy is not followed, the new representatives do not get any training on how to carry out the activities efficiently.


So, if the sales representatives do not follow the strategy well, it can affect the revenue generated from the product sales. The profits of the company also go down drastically. So the implementation of the strategy is very important.


If you do not appoint the right people, you cannot promote the product or service and therefore, your profit will be reduced and the new team will lose their jobs. If the product and service are introduced to the market by using the strategy of strategic planning, then you cannot fail in marketing the product or service.


The next question to be answered is the mode of implementation of the strategy.


The primary objective of the strategic plan is to ensure that the product development is done properly. You cannot ignore the marketing of the product or service. And the strategic plan should be implemented in such a way that the team works in the direction that is most beneficial for the company.


You cannot just select the marketing team from the office and leave it in the hands of the management. This will bring about failure and the strategy is useless.