marketing in business

In this brief review we are going to highlight the main responsibilities of marketing consultant and his role in the world of business.

Marketing as a subject explained

Marketing is the most important component of any business, since its main task is to study the demand for a product, make forecasts for its consumption and fully satisfy this demand. Advertising and organizing of the sale of goods are integral elements of marketing.

Promotion of goods is carried out in the following way:

  • Conducting surveys on the quality and consumption of goods, which allows you to understand how much certain products are needed and in what quantity;
  • Planning the required production volumes and assortment of the most popular goods;
  • Setting a certain price for goods depending on the demand for them;
  • Development of packaging design for products sold;
  • Determination of methods and means of advertising for maximum acquaintance of buyers with the released novelties, increasing interest in them.
  • Organizing of sales, search for consumers, organization of sales in various forms (seasonal sales, holidays, sales of the “product of the day” type), off-site sales of goods;
  • Determination of ways to expand sales at the expense of foreign partners;
  • Customer service after purchasing a product (warranty, for example).

Features of marketing in trade

Various sales opportunities are used – not only through markets and regular stores, but also through online stores offering additional services: free consultations, convenient delivery methods, various forms of payment.

All this, and the extensive, detailed and colorful catalogs offered, help attract people and increase sales.

The study of this discipline is aimed at forming an integral system of knowledge and skills in the development of the complex marketing in various industries and fields of activity.

The acquisition of skills in the use of marketing tools for development of management decisions in various industries and spheres activities

Let us a have a quick look on main types of marketing which is related to each type of business:

  • Industrial marketing
  • Marketing in agriculture
  • Marketing in the field of services
  • Marketing in trade
  • Banking marketing
  • Marketing in insurance
  • Marketing in construction
  • Hotel marketing
  • Marketing in tourism
  • Marketing in the petrochemical industry
  • Internet marketing
  • Marketing of educational services

The modern marketing concept is that all the activity of the subject of management of the construction organization was based on the knowledge of effective consumer demand and its changes in perspective. Moreover, one of the goals of marketing is to identify unsatisfied customer requests and production orientation towards satisfaction of these requests.

The essence of educational marketing lies in a special form of activities in a market that is focused on satisfying requests population in obtaining quality knowledge.